There is a space that exists, somewhere between earth and water. It is a transitory place where the real and the fantastic exist in tandem. This is a photographic exploration of that space, its inhabitants, and how they came to be there.

This series began with the myth of the selkies; seals that shed their skins to assume human form. There are many variations, but in every re-telling it is a love story. The selkie’s love is so intense that they are willing to undergo a drastic transformation to obtain it.

The work evolved into my own love story told in metaphor. Incorporating the three planes of existence (earth, water, and sky), the subjects in these images change form in each environment, becoming birds, fish, and humans. Embarking on journeys and diving into the unknown, they do whatever it takes to attain their desire, often finding themselves in a place or a form somewhere in between.

Each lightjet print is 13x19, edition of 20.