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In Profile: Kat Kiernan — Photograph Magazine
March/April 2018

"Kiernan, 28, has had a career path characterized by her ability to see creative opportunities where others might see constraints"

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Meet Panopticon Gallery's New Director — Panopticon Imaging
January 10, 2018

" the Director of Panopticon, I am incorporating some of what I learned in New York and some of what I learned at The Kiernan Gallery into a more traditional model of representing a small group of photographs while taking a less-traditional approach to engaging with collectors. As a photographer myself, every decision I make in the gallery is based on what I would want and expect from a gallery that represents me."

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Curator's Viewpoint: Kat Kiernan — What Will You Remember?
October 4, 2017 by Elin Spring

"In the world of theatre, a “triple threat” is a performer who can act, sing and dance. In the world of photography, a “triple threat” is Kat Kiernan, photographer, writer/editor and curator. As someone who understands the field from so many angles, I was delighted when I heard that Panopticon Gallery in Boston would be re-opening under her direction. With their inaugural show “At Sea” recently opened, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce – or re-introduce – Boston to the dynamo Kat Kiernan!"

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Kat Kiernan Appointed Director of Panopticon Gallery — Panopticon Gallery
July 11, 2017

"We are excited to announce Kat Kiernan as the gallery's Director. As the former Owner and Director of The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Virginia, she has produced dozens of exhibitions. Prior to joining Panopticon, Kat was the Assistant Director of Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City."

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Imagining the Future Before Us — Walker Art Center
March 17, 2017 by Hrag Vartanian

"Only recently have we begun to talk about the economic and social realities of being an artist, long hidden under the myths of “genius” or “passion” that can marginalize the serious work of making art. Books like this one are helping those artists trying to shake free of the unrealistic fantasy created by a steady stream of inflated stories about the luxury art market and how it caters only to the richest 1%."

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An Interview with Don't Take Pictures Founder Kat Kiernan — Musée Magazine
February 21, 2017 by Baylee McKeel

"Selecting artists to publish isn’t so much tied to a certain type of photography, as much as it requires having something substantial to say about the work. I need to be able to tell a story in images and in words. The pictures must be more than just pretty; they should provoke us to think about an idea rather than simply be of a subject."

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Kat Kiernan Recognized as a Rising Star by the Griffin Museum of Photography The Southern Photographer
September 4, 2015 by John N. Wall

"NYC-based photographer and publisher Kat Kiernan will be recognized in November by the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, as recipient for 2015 of the "Rising Star" award as part of the Griffin Museum's Focus Awards program..."

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2015 Griffin Museum Focus Awards
November 14, 2015

Kat Kiernan was awarded the Rising Star from the Griffin Museum of Photography at the 2015 Focus Awards. The Rising Star Award is given to an emerging force that the photographic community is watching with great enthusiasm.

"This year's Focus awardees are a combination of local and international photography trendsetters and innovators. The Focus Awards recognize the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of a select group of enthusiastic, creative individuals and organizations dedicated to the art and business of photography." — Paula Tognarelli, executive director of the Griffin Museum

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The Kat Kiernan Mixtape — Lenscratch
March 13, 2014 by Aline Smithson

"Photographer, gallerist, publisher, and editor Kat Kiernan is truly a force of nature. Her name is synonymous with excellence in photo opportunities and she is making quite a footprint in the photo world within a short period of time..."

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The Kiernan Gallery Creates Opportunities for Emerging Photographers — Crusade for Art
August 15, 2013 by Jennifer Schwartz

"I first met Kat Kiernan as a photographer, and through working with her on a few projects, I got to know more about her, her gallery, and her commitment to giving emerging photographers like herself a platform for experience and exposure. She is as hard-working and arts-minded as they come..."

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Kat Kiernan Included in Photo Boite — PDN PhotoServe
August 5, 2013

"Glasshouse Images newly added stock contributor, Kat Kiernan, has been included in Photo Boite's 30 under 30 Women in Photography 2012. Check out her inspiring aquatic vision and the rest of Glasshouse Images photographers and collections!"

The Sailor's Wife — Light Leaked
January 14, 2013 Interview by Ashley Kauschinger

"I have always been fascinated by photography’s ability to manipulate reality. Photoshop aside, there are many in-camera techniques that can distort the viewer’s perception of what is real. Even more simply, the act of making a photograph is a selective truth..."

Contributing Photographer Kat Kiernan — Stone Thrower
July 23, 2012

 "Images from her collection Between Earth and Water, lend a dark yet gentle hand to the world of black and white photography. With high contrast, high ISO’s, and dark vignetting, her images portray a different side of the world that we’ve become so accustomed to. Her work shows varying speeds of nature, from swift seagulls to the thousands of years it takes to create rock formations. Dedicated to the art of storytelling, her emotional images give us a view to the darker side of nature, while still preserving the quaint and soft side of the world we know. With several awards and exhibitions under her belt, it’s clearly stated that Kat’s photography is eye-catching, and that the public enjoys seeing her portrayal of black and white."

Shifting of Form @ Lesley University — Dig Boston
April 27, 2011 by J. Pat

"What, so you and the ole Hipstamatic popped off a few shots of a rusty bicycle in sepia-tone and now you think you’re Diane-feakin’-Arbus? Well, we got news for you, “Robert Dois-not:” shelling out a couple bucks for a fancy-photo-button doesn’t exactly make one a fancy photographer. One glimpse of the genuine article at the Art Institute of Boston’s Shifting of Form Thesis Exhibition over at Lesley’s University Hall, featuring the work of credentialed shutterbugs Kat Kiernan, Daniel Aguirre and Amelia Childs and you’ll be puttin’ on the humility filter there, Man Ray."